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  Ju-287-G1 Staghund


Ju-287-G1 Staghund

Created by: Schells Armoury
File Size: 15.7mb Approx
Format: Poser

1946, France. With the war dragging on, the Luftwaffe looks to maintain a technologically superior edge over a quickly expanding enemy. With a stalemate on land and at sea, and the rise of Aircraft like the Pfeil as the fighters of the future, the Luftwaffe continues to explore advance replacements for it's aging and out-dated air fleet.

First on the scene is the prototype Do-335 Pfeil, followed by it's full production variants, then a series of improved prototypes based on existing aircraft for ease of production and inter-changeability of parts. To replace the very out-dated and aging Stuka Dive-bomber, the Luftwaffe adopts the Ju-287 Staghund. Based around a similar wing design and purpose but with a much more powerful engine and secondary water-injection booster, the Ju-287 marks a new stage in the airwar over Britain.

Finally arriving in combat production in May of 1946, the new Ju-287's are first quickly dispatched to front-line units on the Eastern Front for full combat evaluation, in hopes of breaking the long stalemate against Soviet forces at Stalingrad.

Like many historians (both amateurs like me and professionals) have long discussed and written about alternate what-if's for the WW2 era. There have been a multitude of books, games and even movies based upon these ideas of alternate history. My designs are uniquely my own but are based on numerous prototype aircraft from the 1930's and 40's. Aircraft such as the Shinden, Ascender and Pfiel actually flew and were accepted for production but most were cancelled due to wars end. I present these as an alternative "what-if" where designs like this made it into production in a war that didn't end in 1945. Look for additional products in this line coming soon!

Product Features:

Numerous smart-prop'd extras and over 20 ERC controls for the various parts of the aircraft to allow for maximum usability. Controls include some standard combat maneuvers as well as individual controls for the various moving parts on the aircraft. The model also features a fully detailed interior with working flight controls that are tied by ERC to the flight surfaces and moving parts of the aircraft.

Included smart-prop figure add-ons:
1 pair of smart-prop'd external "drop-tank" fuel tanks is included. These "droptanks" conform to the Stallion and are individually pose able so that the user can make them fall away and tumble as they drop...

Included smart-prop figure add-ons:
1 external "drop-tank" fuel tank is included. The "droptank" conforms to the Ju-287 and is individually pose able so that the user can make it fall away and tumble as it drops...

1 251kg bomb with additional bomb-sling mounting
1 set of smart-prop'd 37mm anti-tank cannon.
1 set of smart-prop'd seaplane floats for naval reconnaissance use.

1 set of 2 smart-prop'd "prop-blur" effects props for the propellers of the aircraft to give a sense of motion in flight

2 "dummy" pilot figures (these figures are non-pose-able and don't contain any joints or bones, they are also low poly but are provided so that you can have a crew in the aircraft for your renders without needing to use the fully rigged figures)

Some locations such as flaps have had only one rotation rigged... the others are unused and hidden in the parameters tab. This was done purposely to represent the mechanical nature of the aircraft and the way it would function.

All flight control surfaces, rudder, landing gear, and moveable parts can be accessed in the scene tree for the skeleton of the Stallion (I've rigged the parts rather than using morphs to allow the moveable parts to function). The ERC's for this aircraft can be accessed by selecting the parameters for the "Body" of the aircraft and will move both the exterior parts of the plane as well as the controls inside the cockpit.


This is the Poser Version


Price: $10


Additional Product Images:

Ju-287-G1 Staghund Ju-287-G1 Staghund


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Licencing Terms:
Schells Armoury licence. A copy can be found here.