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    Get every product currently in store (in fact over 130 - some of which can be seen below) plus the PD Stock Photo Collection and some mystery products for just $5.

    Yep, thats no typo, just $5 to say thanks to everyone who's visited, or helped, my 3D sites. This one has been running for 10 years and Sparkyworld has been going since 2001.

    It's a one time sale as after the 19th of October this website will be closing down.

    How to grab these goodies:

    1. Click the nice shiny button and pay.

    2. After payment Paypal should direct you to a confirmation/download page.

    3. Just download the small zip with instructions and you'll be good to go.

    Important Note for Hotmail, MSN, RocketMail and AOL email users:
    These services often block mails from here and PayPal. So if you don't get a reply within 5 minutes of your purchase, Please contact me and I'll send you a new download link.


    GWR Signalbox - Poser
    Self Service Checkout - Poser
    Dino Truck
    Churchyard - Complete - Poser
    AEK - Alien Excursion Kit - Poser
    Shrink-O-Matic - Poser
    Combat Force
    GWR Tank Engine - Poser
    LoRida Trike - Poser
    Razor Sci-Fi Buggy - Poser
    Hemsleys Rest - Poser
    Witches Motorcycle - Poser
    Ares Rockets - Poser
    Raven Ravine - Poser
    Bow Bridge - New York
    Sparky`s SF Set - Poser
    Kroluk Tavern and Stables - Poser
    StarTug - Poser
    T-68 Snub Nose - Poser
    Old Street Scene - Poser
    The Altar of Quaengor
    Zombie MVP - Poser
    Chalice Tower - Poser
    Toon WarPlane - Poser
    Muckspreader  - Poser
    Cryo Chamber
    Aerobatic Photos - Pack 1
    Aerobatic Photos - Pack 2
    The Red Arrows - Pack 1
    The Red Arrows - Pack 2
    The 4 Seasons and Christmas Village
    Derelict Cottage - Poser
    Heavenly: <BR>for the Mausoleum
    Dudes Duds - Mike 3
    Cow - Poser
    BDU - G2 Females
    Sacrificial Altar, Burnt Tree & Edifice - Poser
    Lychgate - Poser
    Bush Hats for David, M3, S3 and V3
    Mariner's Chapel - Poser
    Skylon Racers
    Grainstore - Poser
    Flapper Girls: V4 Make-up Resource
    Cogs N Gears
    The Wizard's Tower - Poser
    BDU - Mike 3
    Robo Elf - Poser
    Merchant's House - Poser
    Just Goth Punk
    Cloisters - Poser
    Jump Suit - Victoria 3
    Choca Mocha: V4 Make-up Resource
    Ruined Trollhouse - Poser
    Derelict Barn - Poser
    Toon Cottage - Poser
    Mechazinz - Black Metallic for V4
    Santas Rocket - Poser
    Glam Girls: V4 Makeup Resource
    Fuel Plant - Poser
    Harrier - Jump Jet
    Helicopters - Pack 1
    Helicopters - Pack 2
    The Kroluk Distillery - Poser
    Jump Suit - David
    BDU - Victoria 4
    Churchyard and Walls - Poser
    Ruined Buildings - for Poser
    Tower Crane - Poser
    Home Farm - Complete - Poser
    Moorings - Poser
    Fern - Poser
    Jump Suit - Steph
    Ruined Toon City
    Jump Suit - Mike 3
    Foxx for V4/A4
    BDU - Mike 4
    Warehouse - Poser
    Mega Debris Pack
    Dragon's Tower - Poser
    Henley House - Poser
    Modern Jets
    Classic Jets
    Gravestones - Poser Gravestones - Poser
    Home Farm - Office & Stores - Poser
    Home Farm - Workshop & lean-too - Poser
    Demonz - N'challa for V4
    Temple Ruins - Poser
    Guildhall - Poser
    Seafarers Union - Poser
    SpacyZZ Supernova
    Hairdressing Salon, Beauty Parlour & Nail Bar
    Home Farm - Shed and Parlour - Poser
    Home Farm - Stables & Haystore - Poser
    Hotel Room
    Overlander - Poser
    Memorial - Poser
    Old Gate - Poser
    Battle Bug - Poser
    The Princess
    Trailer - Poser Trailer
    Rail with Ballast - Poser
    Sci-Fi Corridor
    Veranda House  - Poser
    BDU - Victoria 3
    Overlander Add-On Pack 2 - Poser
    Sci-Fi Construction Kit - Vehicles
    Overlander Add-On Pack 1 - Poser
    Hay Trailer - Poser
    Abbey Hall - Poser
    Tree Roots - Poser
    The Great Seagate - Poser
    Glam Boys: M4 Makeup Resource
    Utopian Maelstrom
    Wing Walkers
    Classic Warbirds - WW2
    World War 1 - Pack 1
    Derelict Barn II - Poser
    Navigation Buoys Pack - Poser
    Dragon Fort - Poser
    English Village The Collection
    Gravestones - Poser Gravestones - Poser
    Home Farm - Office & Stores - Poser
    Home Farm - Workshop & lean-too - Poser
    Demonz - N'challa for V4
    Ronin Fuji
    Walls - Poser
    Norsca Bridge - Poser
    The Blacklight Forge -  Poser