Are you a wannabe dictator? Do you want to have more time for the fun stuff in life?

Then outsource your evilness with your own despotic droid. Created by SparkyTron Industries, this sphere of sleaze comes with loads of useful features, including...

The Back Hander: Be it any major credit/debit card or plain hard cash, this unit allows you receive bribes quickly and quietly.

The BrickLayer: perfect for building walls to keep out those pesky aliens. Now includes the new contactless "bill the neighbours" payment module.

The Grabbber: Go on show 'em whos the daddy.

The Nuker: Temper Tantrum not having a effect? Can't get your own way? Galactic Media Misbehaving? Then just nuke 'em.

...and best of all Working Hand Style Action (TM), just like the real thing!

Please note:
  • TT-8 units can be a bit like the original Daleks, they don't like stairs
  • The grabbers on the 3D version are larger than actual size and can get caught on kerbs
  • The Inject-O-Disinfect-O-Dispenser has been disabled.
  • This model is an original "fan arts" creation inspired by world events and Disney's BB8 character.
    It is not designed, owned or approved by Disney, so use as you desire.
    Thanks to Vanishing Point for rigging this and converting the Poser Model to Studio.

    News Flash. Trump asks NASA to arrest illegal aliens.