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      Freebies - Buildings & Sets


    Factoid Alert: Did you know this site has over 4GB of freebie downloads per day!

    Other building models can be found via the freebies menu below these items.


    The Facility
    The Facility

    With lights created by seachnasaigh (most meshes by me), the Facility is the worlds first sci-fi set to use the new "mesh as light" feature for Poser 9 and higher. .PP2 format with an extra P9 .PZ3 scene with everything loaded and ready to rock and roll. Plus full instructions and templates.

    Also included is an alternate P4 based version, PP2/CR2 plus extra sections, which works great in other apps including studio, vue etc etc.

    Download [30mb .zip]


    M.S.T. Pack 1
    M.S.T. Pack #1

    This is the goodie mentioned in "Mr Sparkys Money Saving Tips & Freebies". It has 2 speed cameras (1 alternate), 2 types of full body airport security scanners and a set of tape barriers. Plus theres some very silly tips in the zip and large image.

    Download [3.28mb .zip]


    Haunted House
    Haunted House

    The amazing Haunted House freebie, complete with furniture, originally created for the 2011 Halloween contest is now avaliable for download here.

    Download [11.9mb .zip]

    To see the model in it's finery, just click the thumbnail.


    Scary Basement
    Scary Basement

    Here's an incredibly detailed basement model for your scenes, perfect for halloween and horror, or even everyday stuff. Includes junk, show/hide sectional poses and a read me file with loads of useage tips.

    To learn more about this great freebie, just click on the thumbnail.

    Download [4.85mb .zip]


    QEM Mad Machine
    Quantitative Easing Machine

    Inspired by a childhood board game, and watching too many Tom and Jerry cartoons, you can now solve the worlds economic problem with this incredibly silly mad machine.

    Click on the thumbnail to see how this works.

    Download [3.50mb .zip]


    Pakastani Mansion Building
    Pakastani Mansion Building

    Based on photos and drawings published in newpapers, this is a mansion style building as found in Pakastain.

    The model comes in 3 flavours, each one is a poser prop. Full details in the read me.

    Download [3.45mb .zip]


    Ziggarat model

    Created for gravitywell productions, who has kindly said this can be shared, heres a very simple Ziggarat model.

    Not suitable for close up work. No large image avaliable.

    Download [1.47mb .zip]


    Distance Simulation Unit Distance Simulation Unit

    Simulate distances in Poser without bogging down your system. Mapped to take most digital photographs without resizing or cropping.

    Download - Poser version - [2.25mb zip]
    Download - Vue version - [1.19mb zip]

    French Village French Village

    5 building props with high quality textures and modelled add-ons such as drain pipes and cables. All parented to a large ground base with telephone pole and warped pavements. Please refer to the read me as this contains additional information.

    Download [6mb .zip]

    Sci-Fi_Environment 01 Sci-Fi_Environment 01

    An incredibly simple to use prop suitable for Science Fiction scenes.

    With highly detailed modelled features, with a medium-low polygon count, and carefully UV-Mapped textures. The package also includes 6 assorted parts, 3 preset scenes and templates.

    Download [7.12mb .zip]

    Mega City - Block 1 Mega City - Block 1

    Another detailed sci-fi model, this time a distressed model of a tallish futuristic building.

    Modelled using Carrea 5 Pro, this Poser prop comes with a small parented side piece you can use to move around to block the background.

    Download [4.92mb .zip]

    Blasted Building City Ruins Freebie

    A blasted building that never made it into the final version, as there are some bad and back facing polygons. However it will still render in poser, studio and other apps. These issues are not present in the models in the finished product.

    This model does not contain low-res maps. Only a single hi-res 2048x1532 map.

    You do not need the full product to use this model.

    Download [1.79mb .zip]


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