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      Freebies - Fan Arts


    Please Note - all items on this page
    are strictly non commerical usage only.


    Who Street
    Who Street

    For a change heres a fan art model, a medievial street scene from Dr Who. Complete with a few extra props to add details to your renders. Click the thumbnail to see whats included.

    BTW - Non commerical useage only obviously!

    Download [5.32mb .zip]


    Bionic Repair
    Bionic Repair

    Inspired by the classic MPC plastic model kit, from the 1970's TV series "The Bionic Woman", here's a small freebie set of a operating theatre styled room.

    Contains a fully assembled room set with 2 "computers", lamp and operating table. Plus standalone versions of the computers, lamp, empty room and table.

    Download [3.23mb .zip]



    The nice people at VP asked if I could clean up and retexture one of their Star Wars models. So I took the model back to poly level and heres the result...

    [External Site Link]


    The Mystery Machine
    Mystery Machine Van

    From the classic cartoon series Scooby Doo, here's the gangs van. Poser .PP2 prop format with P4 based Materials, so should be OK in most 3d apps.

    Presented here as another example of the technique I'm developing, that can convert most 2D images into 3D models.

    Download [1.09mb .zip]


    DeathStar Playset
    1977 DeathStar Playset

    The original version of this 3D freebie was made of cardboard with a plastic gun. It was sold for a very short time in Europe (by Meccano), OZ and NZ (TolToys), Canada (Kenner) and in the UK (Palitoy), but never the USA.

    Over time it's become a Holy Grail amongst Star Wars collectors and an original will easily sell for over 500 quid (800 US Dollars).

    Suitable for use in most 3d programmes, this fan-arts freebie is presented as an example of a new technique I'm developing that can convert most 2D images into 3D models.

    Download [4.02mb .zip]

    Minion Minion

    Inspired by the movie Dispicable Me, and rigged by Donnena, heres a minion for you.

    No large image available for this freebie.

    Download [742k zip]


    picture of dudbot DudBot

    Inspired by the tutorial by Johnny Duddle in the March 2009 issue of Computer Arts Projects, here is a fun 1950's styled sci-fi robot called the DudBot.

    Comes with loads of fun features, just read the readme to find out more.

    Download [4.3mb .zip]


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