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      Freebies - Seasonal Stuff


    For some great bundle deals, click here.


    Old Father Time
    Old Father Time

    Dali meets Disney in this toon style representation of Old Father Time. This curved pocket watch includes modeled traditional cliches of old age and New Year such as....

    [985k - Click For Download Page]

    Wanna get some exclusive cool new goodies for nothing? Just click here


    Slightly Suspect SnowDomes
    Slightly Suspect SnowDomes

    Once upon a time, it was the night before xmas, all over the house, nothing was stirring not even a mou....apart from SantaSparky with an angle grinder!

    Who working from some idea and designs created by some children... is pleased to announce the 2013 Xmas Week Freebie...

    [1.86mb - Click For Download Page]

    Tinplate Style Xmas Robbin

    Includes an Armed Robbin - with gun, swag bag and mean looking attuide. Plus a plain traditional tatty tinplate style Robbin.

    [915K - Click For Download Page]

    Xmas Ball
    Seasonal Miley Cyrus Style Wrecking Ball & Set

    You'll never see that video the same way again :)

    [1.63mb - Click For Download Page]

    D'Frostie Da Snowman

    Happy Xmas!

    [700K - Click For Download Page]

    Cut-O-Way Xmas Cards
    Cut-O-Way Xmas Cards

    10 Assorted designs for your festive scenes. 8 are standard size, 1 has a semi transparent gel and 1 is slighty taller.

    All the cards have 100% modelled cutouts not transmaps. Instructions for making your own gels and card templates are also included.

    [429k - Click For Download Page]

    Meet the Odd Bods
    The OddBods

    More silliness for Halloween - 4 OddBod models - perfect for fleshing out your toon scenes.

    [440k - Click For Download Page]

    Tremblin Terrors
    Tremblin' Terrors

    Inspired by one of those toys that you lick and it springs up, usually when you're licking the rubber base, heres Mr Sparky's freebie for Halloween 2013 - the Tremblin' Terrors!

    [3.37mb - Click For Download Page]

    April Fool 2013
    Dork Launcher

    This extra freebie is the model as featured in my Aprils Fool joke 2013. The readme contains additional info.

    Download [1.02mb .zip]


    Easter 2013 Freebie
    Easter 2013 Freebie

    After removing the box, you'll be able to enjoy a lovely mockchoc egg. Made with free range polygons, it's gluten free, nut free, fat free and suitable for vegans. Plus contained within is a small fun gift.

    Download [1.14mb .zip]


    Cracked Christmas #1
    Cracked Christmas 2012 #1 - Xploding Penguin

    Scientists recently discovered this new species of penguin living off a small island close to Wigan Pier....

    Download [1.74mb .zip]


    Cracked Christmas #2
    Cracked Christmas #2 - Smokin' Sid

    Ever wondered what really causes global warming? Meet Smokin' Sid, the snowman with attuide! With flame thrower that fires recycled polar bear farts. Plus helmet in the style of "Full Metal Jacket" with badge and spare carrot noses.

    Download [2.68mb .zip]


    Cracked Christmas #3
    Cracked Christmas #3 - Bad Santa

    If you've been naughty this year, expect a visit from Bad Santa. He pinches xmas pressies from baddies using his tummy sucker, hides them in his copious belly and only gives them back when someone is good.

    With rigging by VP and 2 festive shiny colour texture sets created by P3d-Art.

    Download [19.8mb .zip]


    Xmas 2012 Freebie 1
    Santa's Jet Bike

    When Rudolph, Dasher and Prancer are feeling poorly, Santa has a backup in the form of the Jetbike. Powered by reinder generated methane gas ....

    Download [4.64mb .zip]


    Halloween 2012 Freebie
    UnHappy Meal

    An extra freebie for Halloween 2012, heres a slime shake, murder burger and bone fries for your monsters to enjoy.

    Download [4.16mb .zip]


    Halloween 2012 Freebie
    Halloween 2012 Freebie

    This years Halloween Freebie is now avaliable. Features an electric chair, track for the chair, witches house and a preset with other fun bits.

    Download [8mb .zip]


    Obots Set 1

    2 Bots that's got nothing at all to do with some minor coporate event:) The Coppa-Bot that protects the Torch-E-Bot (a large mobile ciggy lighter) from naughty people.

    Download [2.45mb .zip]


    Easter 2012 Freebie
    The Easter 2012 Freebie

    An easter egg box which contains a free UFO freebie. Simply follow the easy to use instructions in the read me and enjoy!

    Download [3.78mb .zip]

    Plus theres now these extra items for this model to dowload. To see what these are just click the thumbnail and scroll down.

    Bomba [0.98mb .zip]
    Cowgrabber [559k.zip]
    EyePod [503k .zip]
    SplurgeGun [1.11mb .zip]
    TractorBeamSucker [1.32mb .zip]
    ToonSpace [2.82mb .zip]


    Robo Nativity 
Part 1
    Robo Nativity - 2011 - Part 1

    Heres the 1st part of the Robo Navity. This part features the Nativity Base and the 3 Wise Mechs. Plus if you want an extra smile, please read the documentation in the zip.

    Download [8.23mb .zip]


    Robo Nativity 
Part 1
    Robo Nativity - Part 2

    Heres the second part of the 2011 Robo Navity. This part features the JoBot, MaryBot and the BabyBot As usual check-out the large image and readme.

    Download [5.34mb .zip]


    Xmas Boots
    Xmas Boots

    Fed up with falling over in the snow ? Get these stylish and safe boots.

    To see the boots in action, click the thumbnail, and for the best results read the full instructions in the readme file.

    Download [1.83mb .zip]


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